The A family

I just love this sweet family of 4. Keane has missed these two girls so much since we moved! He always played so well with them while Toni and I would get coffee and chat for hours…that is no small feet that we lasted that long with three children under 5!! Here they are one year older:

Um seriously, she was so comfortable just posing and being in front of the camera….look out T and N!!! She’s a heart breaker!

So we have this exact same scenario photo from last years shoot…mom and dad are never truly free of little ones hanging off of them

The Prender Baby is coming…

I have a really special special place in my heart for this sweet couple. I shot their wedding 4 years ago and was VERY pregnant with my sweet Titus. I have a pic of me there shooting and it is still one of my fav prego pics to this day….
So to be photographing her belly was very special. The amazing part is we both used to live in AZ and now live about an hour from eachother in the bay area! So we get to see eachother quite a bit! Ok without further adu:

Sarah and Loran it is always a blessing to spend time with you guys! Can’t wait to meet this little dude!!!!

The M Family

Here is another one of the couples CJ and I met our first year in marriage. We were all in a young marrieds group in So. Cal and now they all live in Seattle, but we have gotten to see eachother recently, which is such a blessing. During their shoot we hit a little speed bump called rain, however, that did NOT stop the Manchester’s from having fantastic photos! They jumped right into the rain!! They are so fun:)

Here are the two families: the La Tours and Manchesters and all their chitlans:)

These were all before the rain:) Nothing like fountains and ice cream and then fun in the rain!!

I just thought this one was so funny…nothing like your 5 year old flipping the camera off…on accident of corse.

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