About Me

I am an artist, primarily in photography. I live in San Francisco and love photographing all throughout the Bay Area. I love the unique details of people. I love capturing relationship. I love capturing the many facets and personalities of each person in front of my camera. I also love buying cheap furniture and re-doing it. I love fabric, but I am a very mediocre seamstress (I try!) However, I mostly love grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend and enjoying laughter, tears and life. I would rather do art alongside of people because that means relationship!
Thank you for stopping by!

Ga Grls and BB

These are Keane’s cousins who he calls ga grls and bb aka the girls and baby! The connection between Keane and the Johnson’s youngest is the sweetest and most tender relationship. I am so thankful my kids will grow up with them. We didn’t get to do the full family shoot this time, but it was Eva’s 6th birthday and we got to do a fun afternoon with the kids and balloons:) (which flew away on accident, but we got a cute pic of Ev before that!!)

This is by far my favorite, Keane would not let them stand there with out him in there, and yes he had peed his pants. I love Ada’s laughing face!!! They just all melt my heart

And then I had to get Cate and her beautiful self with the bubbs

The M family

Leanna is my sister and best friend. I couldn’t write enough words to express my love for this woman. Only the Lord knows the depth of our connection and I am so thankful for Him writing our stories and keeping us this close our whole lives. She and her husband were on sabbaticle this summer for too short of time but it was wonderful to be together.

The L Family

I had the amazing privilege of photographing Brandy and David’s wedding a few years ago. I have known Brandy since High School and just think she is one of the most honest and real people. They came to phoenix this summer and I got to photograph them and their sweet little dude Josiah.

I love chubby babies, they just make you want to bite their thighs:) But only if you know their parents of corse:)!!