About Me

I am an artist, primarily in photography. I live in San Francisco and love photographing all throughout the Bay Area. I love the unique details of people. I love capturing relationship. I love capturing the many facets and personalities of each person in front of my camera. I also love buying cheap furniture and re-doing it. I love fabric, but I am a very mediocre seamstress (I try!) However, I mostly love grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend and enjoying laughter, tears and life. I would rather do art alongside of people because that means relationship!
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Elijah Stone Johnson

I have been horrible at updating my blog with recent photo shoots. Therefore, I will be flooding the blog with a lot of new posts!

This is our closest friends newest little dude who came home through the wonderful gift of adoption.

Isn’t my friend beautiful! She’s such a radiant mom, wife, friend and Jesus follower.

Living life…

I just finished reading this amazing post about life “after the airport” by Jen Hatmaker. It made me realize how long you can be living in this moment. On the day we lost Titus I could have never imagined the long journey of grieving the loss of my child. I could never have known that almost two and a half years later I would be feeling like it just happened. I could have never know the smell of someone’s perfume today would bring me back to that hospital room the days following his birth. I felt like I could have thrown up today as I immediately was transported back to that room, empty arms and a heart that felt it could not shatter into anymore pieces. The reality of his passing is never gone…we live everyday wishing our journey was different. Yes God is a good God and He changes us for His glory through our sorrow and yet I still without wavering would not say I wouldn’t change it if I could. I would, I would in a heartbeat if I were given the magic turn back time machine. Now is is healthy to dwell here, NO! I cannot…so I live in the days after the airport. I get up and do life, but somedays it is overwhelming and the smell of perfume makes me ache all over again. I do not say all of this to restore peoples remembrance of our loss and tragedy and beg for words of encouragement. I say this because someone around you is living life “after the airport”. I want to be the person that remembers people when they are months or even years after their moment. I want to have a compassion of ginormous magnitude that is only possible by the Holy Spirit dwelling within me. So today as perfume brought me back to my horrible moment, I look for the person God has placed before me that is experiencing their moment and how I can love and serve them. I am living life…a statement that did not feel possible immediately following my tragedy but that by God’s undeserving grace is a true statement for me today, even in the midst of smelling perfume…

New back splash

I recently tried using paintable wallpaper in my bedroom with no luck due to our textured walls. So I used the left over from that failed project to do my back splash since I would not have to deal with seams, which is what looked bad in my bedroom. I gently glazed it with Ralph Laurens Silk glaze in black. I think it adds a cool dimension to our clean white kitchen.