About Me

I am an artist, primarily in photography. I live in San Francisco and love photographing all throughout the Bay Area. I love the unique details of people. I love capturing relationship. I love capturing the many facets and personalities of each person in front of my camera. I also love buying cheap furniture and re-doing it. I love fabric, but I am a very mediocre seamstress (I try!) However, I mostly love grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend and enjoying laughter, tears and life. I would rather do art alongside of people because that means relationship!
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New Buffet/Toy cabinet

CJ and I bought this at a garage sale for 25 buckaroos and I had so much fun redoing it. Our friend Kyle helped me route out the inside of the doors so I could put those mirrors in. Pretty fun huh

Here is it before:

And After:

I am storing all the toys in it…But really Keane just empties it and gets inside to play.

Paul and Lisa-Married

I am so privileged to be friends with this couple. They are a beautiful example of redemption and waiting on the Lord to determine their path. Here is their wedding in CA on the beach.