About Me

I am an artist, primarily in photography. I live in San Francisco and love photographing all throughout the Bay Area. I love the unique details of people. I love capturing relationship. I love capturing the many facets and personalities of each person in front of my camera. I also love buying cheap furniture and re-doing it. I love fabric, but I am a very mediocre seamstress (I try!) However, I mostly love grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend and enjoying laughter, tears and life. I would rather do art alongside of people because that means relationship!
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The G family

I got to meet another fun Bay area family last week and their incredibly cute newest creation. Here he is in all his two week old glory

Double the fun

The day before we moved into our new apartment in San Francisco I got to squeeze in one more shoot! Meet A and J and their sweet 2 year old sister! Just having a second child adds a ton onto a family with an already 2 year old, but twins makes for a lot of chaotic fun!! All three of the kids did great. The twins were hungry when we started which is why this is what we started with:

While they got some food I got to run around with big sis O! She cooked for me and did bubbles

Now we are super full and happy!!!

J did not want his legs tucked under the whole shoot…he was so funny wanting his legs stick straight. He was done being cramped up next to his sis!

Isn’t the twins nursery so adorable.

If you can believe it, this is a family photo that looks amazing and yet the back drop: a melting down two year old, crying hungry twins and a husband who had a bad injury not allowing him to stand: I think they look pretty fabulous. Don’t you think!!

One last one of sweet A. She slept most of the shoot no matter what I did with her. So cute!

The K Kids

I had a blast getting to photograph this clan of 3 kids. Olana, their mom, had such a great idea…they are moving out of their house and she wanted to remember all of the nooks and crannies of the house. She let the kids tell us where to go and what to photograph. It was so fun, relaxed and refreshing. Olana let her kids break a few rules too, like jump on the bed, play in the water out front of their house and jump off the back of the media couch.

Olana gave birth in this tub, so it was one of the spaces we definitely needed to get this sweet face photographed in!

This is their awesome catwalk hallway that the kids had a blast running down. I love this sweet big brother and baby sister shot!

Why not jump in the crib too, we did all the other beds!!

What a fun mom, huh, letting him show me his tub and shower sprayer!! E squirted himself right in the face:)

Had to get the other side of the catwalk

Taking toys out of boxes to play with that had already been packed up.